The company’s vision is to be a household name in Nigeria, through its continuously improvement of the products quality and providing time tested after sales service to all Nigerians.


To provide durable and affordable foam products to every Nigerian home and beyond.

About us

GoldFoam is a fully owned Nigeria company that was incorporated in 1993 under the Company and Allied Matter Act of 1991, with its registered office based in Kano state North West of Nigeria. The founders of the company were passionate about providing Nigerians at every stage in life with high quality foam products at reasonable and affordable price. This they have been able to achieve over the years. It can be said that the company’s products stand out today as one of the best foam products in the country.

GoldFoam prides itself in providing suitable and quality foam, to meet the comfort needs of all including – the children, the youngsters, the aged, fun seekers and those with health challenges.

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